If you think Instagram is all about sharing gym selfies, brunch pics and cute puppy images, think again. Yes those things are pretty standard on the social media platform, but with a lot of careers websites taking to Instagram, it’s now the go-to place for any woman who’s looking to step things up in the work department. It goes without saying that we think our own account @theambitionplan is pretty awesome – and if you’re not following us… get to it! But, us aside, here are the 10 best careers advice websites and Instagram accounts.

The Muse @themuse

This is the account of the awesome US careers advice site. You’ll want to follow it for a mix of hard-hitting stats about employment and tips for nailing your job search. Yes, it’s US-based, BUT it’s very relevant to UK job hunters.

Ladies Get Paid @ladiesgetpaid

With the gender pay gap finally being recognised as a real problem, this great account couldn’t be more timely. It echoes the message of the Ladies Get Paid website, which is all about educating women on how to get ahead at work and, of course, get paid a salary they deserve. Follow it and prepare to get inspired to ask for more at work.


One by one, we’ll take up more of these seats.

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For Working ladies @forworkingladies

Flying the flag for the UK, For Working Ladies is a platform for women who want to kill it at work, in their businesses and in life in general. Check out their Instagram account for inspiring stories from women who’ve taken control of their careers and then do the same yourself.

Women Empowerment Network @wemne

Women Empowerment Network is a site for young women who want resources to help them achieve business and work success. Unsurprisingly, the company’s Instagram account is dedicated to giving you the type of tips and quotes that will help you keep your chin up and navigate the tricky world of work and business like a pro.


“The reality is that if we do nothing it will take 75 years before we can expect women to be laid the same as men for the same work” #EmmaWatson . This month we are talking about all things negotiation, as we want to encourage more women to negotiate salaries, roles, etc. . Know what you want in life and go for it!!! .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #womenempowerment #confidence #genderequality #networking #womenempoweringwomen #womeninleadership #bosslady #personaldevelopment #instaquotes #businesswoman #motivation #thursdaythoughts #tipoftheday #instablogger #instagood #successquotes #growthmindset #girlboss #thoughtoftheday #instdaily #womeninbiz #goalgetter #goaldigger #morningmotivation #negotiation #bethechange #genderpaygap #diversity #wemne

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The Step Up Club @thestepupclub

We recently discovered this UK careers account and we love it! It’s run by two career changers and unlike other Instagram accounts that focus on creating an impression of perfection, the Step Up Club ladies fly the flag for the real side of hustling to succeed at work. It’s particularly popular with career returners and working mums.

Boss Babe @bossbabe.inc

If you haven’t heard about Boss Babe, where have you been? It’s probably the biggest social-media movement for ambitious women out there. It’s geared towards entrepreneurs, but check it out for a daily dose of motivational quotes and a community of women who are as goal-oriented as you.

BossedUp @bosseduporg

If beating burnout and creating a career with great work-life balance are important to you, take a look at this account and the Bossed Up website. You’ll find a ton of tips on how to take charge of your career instead of letting it control you.

Career Contessa @careercontessa

Bringing a little humour to proceedings is the Career Contessa Insta. It’s the place to go to for workplace banter, snark and observations that’ll have you crying ‘that’s SO true!’. Then check out their website for some serious career building tips.


It’s a never-ending cycle. . Laughs via a4anthony_ on twitter

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Levo @levoleague

The Levo website is a phenomenal resource for anyone looking to switch up their career, from jobs to advice and mentorship, it has it all. But it’s US focused, which means it’s less useful for UK ladies. Their Instagram account, however, is great for learning more about key workplace issues, inspirational stories from self-made women and advice on how to create a career that works for you.


Friday vibes 💅🏻 #bossbabe #womengetitdone #Ask4More

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Create & Cultivate @createcultivate

Injecting the fun back into work is the clear mission of Create & Cultivate. This awesome US platform not only runs one of the biggest (celeb-filled) conferences for ambitious women, its Insta page is one of the most upbeat we’ve seen in the careers space. Check it out for advice and motivation from celebs and women at the top of the companies you love and support.

Have we missed any great careers accounts you follow? Drop us a comment below and we’ll check them out.

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