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I’m Lauretta Ihonor and I’m the founder of The Ambition Plan – the UK’s first career change platform for professional women with huge potential, but a lack of clarity. 

As a former doctor, it’s taken me 9 years, 5 career changes, 4 degrees and 3 life/career coaches to find work I truly care about.

I did things the long, hard and expensive way, but that gave me the opportunity to learn exactly what works (and what doesn’t) to help even the most lost and confused woman get unstuck and find her calling.

I’m now sharing the 3 most powerful career clarity strategies that got me and the countless women I now work with unstuck and into new careers we love.

Why not join the 3-day challenge to discover them, stop doing work you hate and turn 2019 into your best year ever? 

What people are saying

Thank you! I've been going round in circles for years. I tried your clarity guide and so many things instantly clicked for me. Truly amazing stuff!
Sarah James
Advertising executive
I've been thinking about a creative career for years but after working in the NHS for so long, it all started to feel like a pipe dream. I had no idea where to start and struggled to put my finger on exactly what I wanted to do. Our sessions have really helped me feel clearer about what I want to do in life.
Louisa York
After one session I felt like my eyes had been opened. I can now see that I've been my biggest obstacle to living a meaningful life and I'm already in the throws of making big changes. Thank you!
Sarah Newham
Sometimes all it takes is a conversation to realise the best next step for your career change. Getting this conversation to be tailored to my unique situation was invaluable. I appreciated Lauretta's straightforwardness; she asked me questions that I had found too difficult or was simply afraid to answer. It was because of this, however, that I walked away from my 1:1 session full of clarity and direction.
Anita Ncube
Anita Ncube
Your platform is long overdue! I've been trying to figure things out on my own for years. I'd given up hope. But after going through your content I feel much clearer and like I can create the type of life I know I deserve.
Alex Thomas
Marketing manager
Through a willingness to take risks and reinvent her own career path, Lauretta is giving a new generation of women permission to do the same. She is a thought leader in finding clarity, identifying your true passion, and channelling a positive mindset – with the ultimate aim of supporting you to find and do work that matters.
Lauren Armes Welltodo
Lauren Armes
Entrepreneur & Business coach