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Welcome to The Ambition Plan, a digital platform for women who are ready to break through confusion and overwhelm to discover the work they are meant to do. We launched in the UK in May 2018 and expanded globally in 2019.

Our goal?

That’s simple. If you’re determined to find your purpose in life and start doing work you’re passionate about, we’re here to guide you on that journey. 

We know that when finding your purpose is the thing that drives you, staying in a job you have no love for is impossible – no matter how well it pays or impressive it sounds.

Keep looking. Don’t settle.

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The Research

In summer 2018 we surveyed 2,000 UK working professionals aged 22 to 36 years, asking them how they felt about their current career (survey conducted by Censuswide).

→ 73 percent of women said they want to change career

→ 33 percent said that lack of confidence prevents them from changing career

→ 30 percent cited fear of failure as the reason they are stuck in a career they dislike

→ 32 percent reported feeling unfulfilled by their job

→ 27 percent said they suffer from anxiety because of their current job

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In just 24 months, we’ve achieved:


Global audience


Instagram followers


Women guided through a career change

The Founder

Lauretta Ihonor

As a doctor, entrepreneur, journalist, TV producer, nutritional consultant and one-time fashion stylist, Lauretta is no stranger to that search for passion and purpose. She started her professional career after graduating from University College London’s medical school. After a short stint working as a junior doctor in London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, she knew practicing medicine didn’t tick all the right boxes for her and so began her pursuit for passionate work. It’s a journey that’s taken her down five additional career paths, from studying at the London College of Fashion and working at Net a Porter and L’Oreal, to news reporting and producing for CNN International, the BBC and Sky News.

Having changed careers five times (from doctor to fashion stylist, health journalist, TV news producer, nutritional consultant and entrepreneur), she’s mastered the art of breaking into new industries in record time. And while doing so, she learned that the secret to finding your life purpose lies in overhauling your life from the inside out. She created The Ambition Plan because while the pursuit for your life purpose can feel lonely, daunting and like hitting your head against a wall… it really doesn’t have to.

Lauretta leads The Ambition Plan’s digital career clarity course , which guides high-potential women through the same rapid-change method she used to end her search for that elusive dream job and go from confusion to clarity. Learn more about it here…

Lauretta Ihonor The Ambition Plan


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