We’re willing to bet that (unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past 10 years) you’ve probably noticed that the tech industry is growing massively. And not only is it growing, it’s seeping into every other industry you can think of. From health and education to food and travel, digital is where the money and demand currently lie. If you’ve got a creative itch you’re desperate to scratch, have always loved the thought of being involved in the fashion industry BUT know your skills don’t lie in classic fashion roles like designing, modelling and styling, we’ve got some news you’ll love. Fashion tech is a booming industry and one that’s creating amazing new roles that call for a wide variety of skill sets. Not sure where to get started? Check out these five UK companies. They’re growing at a fast rate and have fashion technology job opportunities coming out of their ears at the moment.  

Yoox Net-a-Porter Group

Since the online luxury clothing store Net-a-Porter joined forces with Italian designer fashion retailer Yoox in 2015, the fashion giant has been making great strides in its digital offering. It now has a Tech Hub, in White City, West London, that’s dedicated to creating fashion tech innovation that delivers the best digital customer experience possible. Yoox Net-a-Porter Group has invested €500 million into the project, plans to double the size of the business by 2020 and is also looking to hire 100 new staff members over the next two years.

Roles: Artificial intelligence (AI) software developers, research and development experts, and visual merchandisers are all on the radar of the company according to its website. You can get the full details here and discover its latest opportunities here.


This AI fashion stylist and retail aggregator is one to watch. It offers personalised styling advice via its mobile app and is on a mission to make shopping SO much simpler. Its app can be used to look for new clothes or to gets advice on how to style items in your existing wardrobe. Users can either upload photos of their existing clothes or clothes from online retailers, and the app will then provide them with outfit suggestions.

Roles: If you’re a budding software developer, machine learning enthusiast or computer scientist, Intelistyle wants to hear from you. Get in touch with them and keep your eyes peeled for new job opportunities from them on this page.


London fashion startup Thread is all about personalising the shopping experience using AI. Users simply provide pictures of themselves along with their body measurements, budget and pictures of the clothes in their existing wardrobe. This information is used to pair the user with a virtual stylist who will suggest clothes they can buy. Simple.

Roles: Product designers, software engineers and digital performance marketing managers are just some of the roles on offer. Click here to find out more.


Lyst is another London-based fashion tech startup. It curates high-end fashion brands, letting customers access products from over 11,000 designers and stores in one place. How does that differ from other online fashion aggregators? Lyst uses machine learning to recommend products to users, so they don’t have to wade through thousands of products to find what they want.

Roles: There are a wide variety of roles on offer here, from software developers who maintain the platform, to fashion journalists who produce stories on fashion trends and insights. Click here for the latest opportunities.


Founded in 2008, Farfetch has been going from strength to strength over the past decade. The Farfetch platform is essentially an online store that sells products from more than 700 luxury boutiques and brands. However, that’s not all the market leader has to offer. Farfetch is fine-tuning its Store of the Future concept – an AI-led technology that allows customers to enjoy the ultimate convenience in shopping, such as earmarking a wish list of items via their phones on entering a store.

Roles: As a global company with fingers in lots of pies, the whole spectrum of online roles are available at Farfetch, from copywriter to software designers, analysts and product designers. Explore the latest opportunities here.


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