Have you ever noticed how things just seem to work out for some people? They continuously achieve great things in life and in their careers, and even when they have setbacks, they quickly bounce back (they’re the ones who find an amazing new job just days into their job search). You may call it luck, but we disagree. Research has shown that luck isn’t a random thing, it’s something you create through your thoughts and belief your mindset. And if there’s someone who knows a thing or two about mindset, it’s positive psychology coach Adele Hawkes. Here she explains exactly how you can cultivate a mindset for success that will help you to achieve anything and everything you want (be that an exciting new career change or the home of your dreams).

Ask yourself a quick question. Do you believe you have a set amount of talent and intelligence, or do you believe that these things can grow and change?

Whichever viewpoint you favour is a product of your mindset the belief system you use to process incoming information.  

If it’s the former, you’re more likely to have a ‘fixed’ mindset that assumes abilities are static. In this frame of mind, you continually view the success of a new situation as a reflection of you as a person – failing or being rejected means you’re not good enough. If it’s the latter, however, you have a ‘growth’ mindset (aka a mindset for success) – a belief that the hand you’re dealt is just a starting point. To you, even less-than-successful experiences offer the opportunity to learn and grow.

Guess which one is more likely to help you thrive and flourish personally and professionally?

How to be more successful in life

The way we view ourselves and our abilities plays an enormous part in how empowered we feel when it comes to achieving the things we want in life. But in our frantically busy day-to-day lives, it’s all too easy to get pulled down a hole of doubt, confusion and overwhelm, and that makes us feel totally stuck.

If this sounds like you, don’t panic. Realising that your mindset is holding you back is the first step to doing something about it. And the good news is that there are small changes you can make right now to trigger big shifts in the way you think and act, which in turn will help you to develop a mindset for success.

Change your vocabulary

A great place to start is simply to introduce the word ‘yet’ to the thoughts that are holding you back. This tiny three letter word can completely change the inner conversations you have with yourself. ‘I’m not good with new people…..yet.’ ‘I don’t know how to do this…..yet.’

It may sound too easy to work, but just try it and you’ll see how effectively it opens up all sorts of possibilities for moving forward.

growth mindset for success
Questioning the beliefs that keep you stuck is key to developing a growth mindset for success

Is that a fact?

Another tip is to recognise that it is a completely normal and natural response to feel nervous about moving out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

The problems only start when we use the fear of making a change as an excuse to not even try: ‘I can’t speak up in meetings because no-one will listen to me’ or ‘I can’t make a career change because I have to retrain and I can’t afford to do so’.

This is our brain doing what it’s designed to do: protect us from a perceived threat. And our brain is so good at protecting us, that it makes our reasons sound like absolute truths. But they aren’t. They’re just thoughts that constrain us and put a self-imposed cap on what we can achieve.

Question everything

To shift into a ‘can-do’ gear, start rigorously questioning the viewpoints you’re holding onto about yourself. Is there real evidence for the way you’re thinking? Or is there a different way of looking at things?

Let’s take the case of being unable to speak up in meetings because no-one will listen to you, for example. If you’ve never spoken up, what evidence do you have to support your belief that others will not listen to you? Perhaps you have tried to make yourself heard before, but people talked over you, and this left you feeling bruised. But this isn’t proof that this will be the outcome every single time you try to speak – every day, every meeting and every situation is different. And if no-one listens, well, so what? Does it matter? Would it be catastrophic? If no-one is listening anyway, then you may as well say what you like!

Practice makes perfect

These tactics help turn feelings of helplessness into incredible empowerment, and a fixed mindset into one of growth, where so much more of your potential becomes possible. With practice, your new and improved mindset of success will become second nature, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving whatever goals you want to whether that’s a new job (no luck needed for your job search!), entrepreneurship or anything else.

Do you believe that if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything? Let us know in the comments below.


Adele Hawkes

Adele Hawkes

Adele Hawkes is a qualified positive psychology coach who works with clients globally, helping them to capitalise on their strengths and create the happy and successful future they want. As a former PR consultant, she has been helping people achieve long-lasting change for almost 20 years.

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