By 2019 there will be 2.77 billion social media users, which means that more and more of us are updating, liking and commenting online. And with social media platforms connecting us with people we’d normally have no contact with, there’s got to be a way to use such social media to improve your career prospects and find that elusive dream job… right? Recruiter and career advice blogger Imogen McGowan says that there is. Here, she outlines eight ways you can use social media to get a job and create the career of your dreams.


Finding a Mentor

Progressing in your career or finding new opportunities is infinitely easier when you have expert help. You don’t have to limit yourself to endless Google searches to find a great career coach, instead, search Twitter or Facebook to get a real feel for each coach. Research their online testimonials to see what previous clients really think about them.

If you’d like less formal support, turn to LinkedIn to find specialists within the field you wish to pursue. Reach out to them for informal advice and nurture the relationship that ensues.



We all hate networking to some extent (who wants to spend their spare time making small talk about work with strangers?), but it’s a necessary evil if you want to learn about new opportunities and meet new people who could open doors to great places. LinkedIn is probably the best social media platform for online networking because you can get a clear idea of everyone’s experience and connections, but don’t overlook open-access platforms like Twitter.


Researching Companies

Tailoring your CV is critical if you want to stand apart from other applicants, and researching a company before submitting a job application will allow you to do this. If you can find out details about how a company and its employees function, you’ll have all the information you need to tailor the skills showcased on your CV to fit the company’s requirements.

This is also a vital step in interview preparation. Once you have a thorough understanding of a company, its history, mission, current situation, threats, opportunities and future goals, you’ll be better able to deliver impressive and well-reasoned answers during your interview.

Social media is a great source of additional information that a company may not reveal on its website. This can range from recent updates to customer satisfaction and the company’s culture and values.


Searching Vacancies

Searching for jobs online may be the most obvious way of using the internet to enhance your career, but avoid the mistake of limiting your job hunt to job boards or company career sites. Employers are expanding their recruitment strategies, with some roles now being advertised exclusively on social media – particularly those requiring an immediate start. Yes, you really can use social media to get a job! Use the job section of LinkedIn or hashtags such as #vacancy or #hiring on Twitter or Instagram to look for roles in your industry.

how to use social media to get a job
Social media’s uses extend far beyond posting selfies. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook can help you network and find job vacancies and mentors.


Understanding the Market

If you’re trying to change careers or taking a step up the ladder of your current career path, understanding the market or industry you’re in is vital. Whether that’s the qualifications, skills or experience needed for a position or the average salary for a given role, understanding the market could help you get ahead and negotiate strongly during the hiring process.


Discovering Events

Career fairs, networking events or conferences are all great ways of enhancing your skills, and they aid continuous learning and allow you to discover new roles. Whilst some events require pre-registration, others will accept walk-ins and virtually all of these events can be found through social media and event listing sites, such as Eventbrite.

Whether it’s through motivational speakers or entrepreneurs discussing their stories, taking time to seek out and attend these types of events could help you to find your dream career.


Cleaning up your Profile

It’s undeniable that you can use social media to get a job and make vital contacts, but paying little attention to your own social media presence could undo any progress you make. Avoid this trap by regularly reviewing your social media profiles and removing anything you wouldn’t want an employer to see. It’s worth setting your profile to private so only your friends will see what you do in your spare time.

This also goes for starting a job search. Avoid alerting your current employer to your imminent departure until you’ve secured a new job by setting your profiles to private before interacting with new employers. Be mindful of the digital trail you’ll leave by openly liking or commenting on public posts – opt for direct messages when attempting to get the attention of a dream employer. Not everyone needs to know you’re in the market for a new job.


Exploring new Career Paths

When trying to discover the best career path for you, inspiration is vital as it will open your mind to new possibilities and expand your options. Search for job titles on LinkedIn to discover roles you have never thought of pursuing, then delve deeper into what these roles entail by researching the profiles of people with this job role.

Take to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find inspiring careers-focused accounts that share useful tips and career advice articles. These may provide the guidance you need to optimise your job search.

Did we miss any key ways to use social media to get a  job? Let us know in the comments below.



Imogen McGowan

Imogen McGowan

Imogen McGowan is a recruiter and HR expert with almost a decade of experience in the industry. She's also the founder of IM-Hired - a career advice blog that helps job seekers find their dream job and achieve the perfect work life balance.

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