Avocado toast may be the trend that’s best associated with millennials, but something else is hot on its tail: a laptop lifestyle. Yep, the millennial generation has been severely bitten by the travel bug, and with digital tech making global connectivity the best it’s ever been, holding down a full-time job while travelling the world is now a reality.  If you’re ready to pack your bags and go on an adventure but you don’t want to give up the security of a steady paycheck here are the eight best jobs that will let you travel the world.


When you crank out content for a living, there’s no need to sit in an office to do your job. And with companies in virtually all industries now needing people to write engaging, accurate copy for use on their websites and social media channels, as well as in advertising and marketing materials, there’s no shortage of work. Start here to learn how to become a copywriter.

Hotel reviewer or hotel guide writer

It’s a no-brainer. If you want to get paid to travel, see new cities and stay in luxury hotels, then a job as a hotel reviewer is worth exploring. While broadsheet newspapers, like the Telegraph, may have official hotel reviewers on staff, the truth is that such roles are few and far between. But if travel is your main priority, don’t limit yourself to traditional publishers. Instead, look at larger travel blogs, review sites and trade magazines that cover hotels and spas.

Travel journalist

Travel journalism is another role that’s perfect for anyone who has been hit by wanderlust. But just like hotel reviewing, it’s a rare job. Get around this obstacle by looking beyond newspapers and luxury magazines. Instead, try to get your foot in the door of a travel or in-flight airline magazine by pitching freelance work or starting in a junior office-based role. Take a look at travel media company Ink for travel journalism jobs they create many of the in-flight magazines you have undoubtedly read en route to sunnier climes. Be sure to look into B2B travel publications like Travel Weekly and Selling Travel for travel journalist job opportunities.

Website designer

Just as copywriter roles are often location-independent and on the rise, so are website design jobs. If you have graphic design skills or an interest in this area, brushing up your skills and setting up a web design service could pay for a round-the-world trip.

Conference producer

Working for a company that produces international conferences is a guaranteed way of getting to travel the world while being paid pretty well. And almost all industries, from legal to medical and technology, have a need for conference producers. The only downside is that you’ll be at the mercy of whatever location the conference is held at, rather than able to create your own travel itinerary. And unlike a copywriter who can work from the beach, you’ll spend the majority of your trip doing your work inside a conference centre. But don’t let that stop you. You can always extend your trips away to give you an opportunity to go exploring wherever you end up in the world.


Whether you prefer health coaching, life coaching, business coaching or anything else, reinventing yourself by launching a career as an online coach will allow you to travel the world on your own terms. While working as a coach has lots of advantages, it’s a long game don’t believe anyone who tries to convince you otherwise! It takes time to build up a regular list of clients and charge fees high enough to fund a digital nomad lifestyle. Check out the International Coaching Federation to learn more about how to become a certified coach.

Remote customer service representative

Why sit in a call centre when companies like Amazon and Nike will let you work from home and dial in to take customer calls? This kind of job simply needs you to be awake during working hours and have access to the internet, which means you can travel (as long as you stay within your home time zone) while holding down this role.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants (VAs) are the answer to every time-pushed entrepreneur’s prayers, as more and more busy small business owners are outsourcing administrative tasks, content creation, market research and even bookkeeping to VAs. And as the name suggests, as a VA your employer will have no need to meet you in person, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world. The only downside is that VAs command a lower salary than in-person assistants.

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